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We work with aspiring and current business owners to find where to start. Sometimes that’s the hardest part for people getting ready to start or grow their business. Client assessment is a two step-process:


General client assessments, AKA “intake”, is the initial meeting. NEON staff assess where clients are with their businesses and where they want to go. Our staff help clients develop action plans and connect them to technical assistance programs, if needed.


Detailed business and lending assessments occur after the initial meeting and consist of but are not limited to:

+ Personal Skills Assessment to determine client’s technical and soft skills.

+ Personal Credit Evaluation to review credit scores and potential barriers to credit and financing.

+ Business Plan Evaluation to check the overall execution and effectiveness of the business plan.

+ Asset Evaluation to determine available assets for collateral and the operation of a business.

+ Business Viability Assessment to assess the position of the business in the industry and marketplace.

+ Business Sustainability Assessment to determine the adequacy of income and resources to sustain the business over a period of time.

+ Business Financing Plan to help clients develop a short- and long-term plan to meet the financial needs of the business.


Detailed business and lending assessments only occur when a client:


+ Needs include several areas of business expertise,

+ Has participated in several technical assistance programs and needs further assistance,

+ Is in need of lending assistance only, or

+ Becomes a fully participating network client (determined by NEON)

Our Service Areas

The goal of NEON’s Entrepreneur Training Program is to provide a foundation for entrepreneurship by helping business owners develop actionable business plans and teaching additional skills to grow their business. Offerings include:


Thinking about Business Workshop

This workshop is for beginning entrepreneurs who are considering going into business. We encourage people in the startup phase to take the workshop. Workshop topics include:


+ Challenges and Rewards of Going Into Business

+ Assessing Your Business Idea and Self as an Entrepreneur


Continued Learning Workshops

NEON’s Continued Learning Workshops are focused trainings on specific topics and responsive to business owner needs and trends within the small business community. Examples of workshop topics include:


+ Social Media 101

+ Marketing

+ Navigating Business Insurance


Going into Business Class

This course is for entrepreneurs who have been actively working towards starting a business and/or want to expand a smaller side business. They should be ready to launch/expand within 12 months of completing the course. Topics covered include:


+ Licensing/Zoning

+ Marketing

+ Pricing

+ Operation Management

+ Preparing Financial Statements


At the conclusion of the course, entrepreneurs will do individual sessions with a NEON Business Advisor to put finishing touches on their business plans and launch/expand their businesses.

We provide eligible businesses with ongoing technical assistance support. The support helps guide them through operational difficulties by providing one-on-one consulting with experts in key business areas including:


+ General Business Management

+ Recordkeeping and Accounting

+ Graphic Design and Marketing

+ Website Development

+ Lease and Contract Evaluation

+ Financial Literacy and Planning

+ Business Site Selection

+ Tax Planning and Preparation

+ Merchandising

+ And More


Upcoming Classes and Workshops

NEON packages and facilitates small business financing for eligible businesses. We take an individualized approach to loan packaging by working closely with entrepreneurs on their financing needs. This process includes detailed assessment of business needs, long-term growth opportunities, improvement plans for the business, and risks associated with pursuing debt financing and strategies in place to mitigate risks.

Small Business Feasibility Assessments

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Small Business Financing

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